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Marketing Strategy

Meet the Marketing Team at Joywriter

Led by Joyce Litwin Zimmerman, the Joywriter marketing team is eager to help you develop a clear, effective marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should include both printed and web materials as well as e-communications. Joywriter can give you all of the above!

A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Do you know what marketing strategy you wish to employ? Or do you need input and ideas? The Joywriter marketing team provides you with a holistic approach to your marketing strategy. In the initial stages of your project the Joywriter team leader, Joyce, will learn about your marketing needs. We will then advise you, and work with you, just for you, to accomplish your goals and meet those needs.

Joywriter's freelance marketing consultants include:

Let Joywriter handle your marketing strategy from inception to completion!

For more information on the Joywriter marketing team, visit our FAQs or contact Joywriter today! Call us at 516-485-2152 to set up a consultation or e-mail us to find out about a customized quote for your project.  Joywriter wants to help you craft your marketing strategy and find the right words for your businesssm!