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Copywriting Business

Written by Joyce Litwin Zimmerman, President, Joywriter Communication, Ltd.   

Learn the Do's and Don'ts of the Copywriting Business: Copywriting Tips and Secrets

The copywriting business, like any other business, has its do's and don'ts. We at Joywriter want to share with you some copywriting tips. The articles below offer general marketing advice as well as a few copywriting secrets. Business articles of general interest may also be added from time to time.

Part of our copywriting business model is to help educate our clients and the community. Joywriter President, Joyce Litwin Zimmerman, has written and compiled a list of articles to show you the do's and don'ts of the marketing and copywriting business. The communication strategies included could only be provided by a copywriting professional like Joyce, with business acumen accumulated over twenty-five years. Click through the articles below for copywriting tips to help your business:

Keys To Effective Business E-Mail. Just a few guidelines to effectively communicate via this convenient method. Read More... 

The Value of Words: Tips for Effective Websites. Want to initiate a business website or increase the efficacy of your current site? You can accomplish this through the use of logically organized, thoughtful copy. Read More…

Secrets from a Professional Writer.  Joyce has gathered a list of copywriting secrets to help your business get your message across clearly and effectively. Read More…

The Power of the Written Word. Our business can be enhanced or hindered by how we communicate. Whether we are confirming a previous conversation, an appointment or trying to obtain some repeat business we need to determine the best way to send that message. Read More…

Check Back for More Copywriting Business Tips

Joyce is pleased to share some of her secret copywriting tips with your business or organization. Check back often for updated copywriting tips and advice that will benefit you. And for even more information on Joywriter’s copywriting business visit our FAQs or e-mail us. Or contact us at 516-485-2152 to set up a consultation on how Joywriter can directly help your business.